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Jacqueline targets Hollywood

By Lake Argent

For Sri Lankan beauty queen and Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, it was a dream come true to host the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards in Colombo this year.

Having the opportunity to play the role of the ‘perfect host’ to her Bollywood colleagues in her beautiful home country, Jacqueline has only been climbing the ladder ever since she entered the Indian Film Industry a few years ago.

With a charming personality, this Bollywood actress, has within a short period of time already bagged an award and now says she is looking forward to working in more Indian films.

“In the beginning, I never got any offers but now I think that with things looking brighter and better for Sri Lanka I have been getting more offers,” the beautiful actress told Daily Mirror online. “The script has to be good for me and once I am comfortable with it I would definitely never refuse a movie,” she said with a radiant smile adding, “I do enjoy Sri Lankan films too.”

Speaking about her recent ‘Best Female Debut’ award which she bagged at the IIFA awards, Jacqueline replied in excitement that the award meant a lot to her especially since she won it in her home country. “When they announced my name, I thought they were just calling out the nominations and I was wondering why everyone was looking at me and applauding. I was really surprised and overwhelmed at that point. I was in a state of shock to have won such an award especially in Sri Lanka, it meant so much to me,” the young actress said.

However Bollywood has not been an all easy ride for Jacqueline as it is her dedication and hard work which has paid off. Having to learn a brand new language in order to enter the industry and having to compete with other stunning, beautiful Bollywood actresses, Jacqueline said she is still trying to prove herself and says being in the industry is all about hard work.

“Not knowing Hindi made it a bit more difficult for me. I did have to prove myself to a lot of people. I think I was very lucky when I got my first movie Aladin, that helped me get out of the misconception that even though I could not speak the language, I could still do a movie. I am still proving myself though and I think in this industry it is like that every day,” she said.

Jacqueline’s latest movie to be released has been ‘Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai’ which she explains is a romantic comedy. In the movie, Jacqueline explains that she plays the role of an alien who comes from Venus and adds that the movie was ‘all fun to do.’

The young actress is also currently looking at two new projects which she says will be hopefully shot later this year. When questioned who inspires her the most, Jacqueline said she holds great respect for Amithabh Bachchan who she says has been in the Indian film industry for 40 years. Explaining her experience with ‘Big B’ Jacqueline said she had worked with him on a movie and had been amazed at his energy. “During the shoot not once had he ever had his energy come down, he has always matched us. I think that kind of drive for something you do is inspiring. Even Aishwariya Rai is great for what she has done for Bollywood international,” the actress said

When questioned if she had any plans in entering Hollywood, Jacqueline said she ‘would not think twice’ if an offer did come her way. “I think Hollywood is focusing a lot into the Indian market which is great because the Indian market does give you that platform to do global projects. I do agree that it is difficult to penetrate but if Hollywood does come my way just like Bollywood did, I would not think twice about it,” she said.

Asked what advice she had for young Sri Lankans, Jacqueline said, “My advice is challenge yourself; do not be afraid to take risks. Before I came into the industry I was asked ‘Are you sure you want to do this? It is very unpredictable.’ It is something I want to do, why would I stop myself from doing something I want to do?,” she said.

She adds, “If you fail, you fail and you move on. There are so many things to do in this world, you are not just left with one option. Life is something you need to make the most out of. So if you believe in something, go for it,” the young actress said in conclusion.

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