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Dilka Samanmali

Hi,I'm Dilka Samanmali. News Anchor & a media Correspondent/ Reporter. Also presenter of the locally popular Political Current Affair Program 360° on TV Derana. I have been working with “TV Derana” since year 2005. Besides Corresponding/reporting and news anchoring I am also an Investigative Journalist, producer/director of many news productions, and Script writer for the News Department for Ada Derana on TV Derana. My friends Call me Dili. I was Born on 04th of July. My hobbies are Reading books, traveling and photography. I have this great love for the environment and animals, so I have been an active member of Young Zoology Association (YZA) in Sri Lanka for the past 10 to 12 years. My favorite artists and Role models are Larry king , Oprah Winfrey, Mark Ferguson and Keanu Charles Reeves.


Dilka Samanmali Derana WallPaper

Sydney Opera House

Dilka Samanmali Derana Sydney Harbour Bridge

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  1. Moko nangi belle sura deka thunak ellagena inne?


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