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Amazing Ayashani - Candid conversation with young beauty

Ayashani… Are you a model specializing in TV commercials?
Well, I first took part in a visual for a song of Kasun Kalhara. Then I took part in some television commercials. Now I am a model and I became the runner up in the 2009 Miss Sri Lanka pageant. I have been in this field for seven long years.

Your profession…?
I served as a presenter at Swarnavahini and later at Commercial Bank for three years. I am now employed in a private institution.

What is the profession that interests you most?
Every career has its own area of significance, so I like all these professions. I studied dancing under Kulasiri Budawatte because of the passion I had for it. I love to resume my dancing career.

What is your view about what life has offered you now?
These feats were never anticipated by me in life. Life is generally all about overcoming hurdles and we should face that reality. My parents never encouraged me to take up a profession in modelling. Unlike our carefree days in school, life appears to be complex now.

Any unforgettable moments in this complex lifestyle?
Every moment is treasured for me. I am very determined. If I need something I will go all out to get it. The Miss Sri Lanka victory was a significant milestone in my career. We come across people of various shades in society. Being tactful is very vital. Meeting former Miss Sri Lanka Rozanne Diasz is also an unforgettable moment in my life. She is a wonderful teacher.

What looks in males do you prefer most?
For me the interior matters most than the exterior. I honestly mean it too.

What if you find a man over 5 feet tall with good quelities?
That’ll mean trouble because I am looking for someone taller than I. I would prefer someone in the six-foot range carrying an equally appropriate frame. But remember, the fat or unattractive factors wouldn’t matter if the height is alright.

What else would you look for in your dream guy?
Honesty and trust..

Undoubtedly you should be affluent to lead a comfortable lifestyle but that should be within our means and not in excess. I will not run behind money.

Girls who become popular try to cling on to a rich man…?
May be true, but that does not apply to me please…

Which means you will not marry a rich man?
I will, if I like him and he possesses good qualities. But his wealth will not be the ultimate deciding factor. The fact is that we should have sufficient money, to avoid problems in life.

Height : 5'8
Hair Colour : Light Brown
Eye Colour : Black
Complexion : Fair

( Courtesy by GO Magazine / )

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