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Thilanka Lakmini Wijewardane

“I am Thilanka Lakmini Wijewardane, but I am known as Menik among everyone. I am attached to a private company but for the past two years I have been dabbling in the field of modeling. And prior to that I was a Nurse.”

Why did you give up nursing?
I am a very sensitive person. I realized I couldn’t pursue such a career.

Are you a sizzling personality just like these photographs?
In real life I am a very simple, down to earth person. I hate make up. I love to wear simple clothes and lead a simple lifestyle.

Then why this duplicity for photographs?
Though it is not to my real life likings, I have to adjust myself to suit this photo shoot.

What do you expect from your attractiveness in the photographs?
Nothing special. I just obliged to the request of the photographer. I did not expect any undue advantage of these photographs. I only did justice to the photographer’s creative ability. I even discussed the clothing with him.

Why have you cut your hair short?
I just wanted a change and comfort. My family didn’t like me shaving the head.

If I suggest that you look stunning in these shots?
I have no objection. Different people can have different views.

What does life mean to you?
Sometimes good and bad at times. Suffering will be followed by happiness. As a Buddhist I believe in these realities. We don’t get what we yearn for. We do everything for our satisfaction.

What do you do for your satisfaction?
I grew up in hostels from the age of six. So, I was sort of independent from my childhood. I derive satisfaction by doing things on my own.

Isn’t love also volatile just like life?
Maybe… the love we get from our parents, brothers and sisters and our lovers are different to one another. They are not everlasting as you said.

Your views about males…Take ten males and they are certainly ten different types. You can’t gauge them. I hate people who brag and lie. I like people who are down to earth and frank.

On the family front…I am a twin. Besides my mum and dad there are five girls in our family. My father is a businessman.

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