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Ama - Howszaaat!

Do you like cricket?
Of course…

Do you watch cricket matches?
Yes, if the team has some players whom I like…

Any such unforgettable matches?
The Wills World Cup final which we won…

Who is your favourite in our team?

He is a good player, handsome and an all rounder in every sense.

Any special players you like in other departments like bowling or batting?
Yes, Yuvraj Singh

Will we be able to win the world cup this year?
Of course…we have a talented side

Whom will we meet in the final?

Can you play cricket?
Yes, I do with my brother

Have you learnt the art of modeling?
Not really, but I have gained considerable experience. At the 2007 Miss Sri Lanka contest I was the Miss Photogenic, Miss Evening Dress. I have acted and also taken part in commercials. Chitra Wakista is a grandmother of mine. It was my dream to become a model. The Miss Sri Lanka contest paved the way for me to realize my dream.

So you mean you can call yourself a model?
Of course…

But you have not studied the profession?
My parents didn’t push me towards that area probably because they feared it might affect my studies. But since I get work as a model, I feel I’m doing good. So what?

Do you think you are a talented professional?
I have no doubt about it… I am frank and outspoken.

What qualities do you like in a man?
He should be handsome, a six-footer, good qualities, should match my family status…

Do you think you deserve such a guy?
Well, that’s left to fate. Such qualities should be there in my dream boy…

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