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AIS Fashion Show

The graduating class of 2011 of Asian International School (AIS) held a fashion show on March 4 at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Galadari. Three designers namely students Chathushky, Sam and Thushie from the graduating class were the people responsible for all the fabulous outfits worn by the modelling students. The fashion show included six segments which were Greed, Lust, Purity, Vanity, Love and Justice.

In the ‘Greed’ segment, students modelled black outfits along with dull gold outfits. Bright red and black outfits dominated the ‘Lust’ segment with Enrique Iglesias’ track ‘Tonight I’m Loving You’ as background music. The most beautiful segment however would have to be ‘Purity’ where female students walked the ramp wearing radiant white goddess-like dresses. They entered the ramp carrying candles which added to the glow and radiance that they displayed.

'Vanity’ brought with it a lot of purple outfits and some of the models were carrying hand mirrors while checking out their reflections. The most interesting segment however would have to be the ‘Love’ segment where the student models bounced on stage with a fierce energy modelling cute outfits in light pink, hot pink and the male models sported brightly coloured t-shirts with cute captions. An example would be a t-shirt with a picture of a jellyfish and the back read ‘Stung by love’ while another sweatshirt modelled displayed an octopus with the caption ‘Entangled by love’. Lastly, the ‘Justice’ segment brought with it models dressed in khaki green and black outfits.

By Sarah Kellapatha
Photos by Samantha Perera

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