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Prashadi Ranasinghe - A real Dancing Queen in Sri Lanka

Prashadi Ranasinghe (born Prashadi Dilrukshi Ranasinghe, February 8, 1986) is a real Dancing Queen in Sri Lanka. She started her own dance academy `Prashadi Dance Academy' in Maharagama in 2005. She had performed at Bathiya & Santhush Live in Concert recently and her dance troupe was well received by all audiences on occasions such as Derana Music Awards, Edna Chocolate launch ceremony and more many more.

She was introduced to the art of dancing through Kandyan, moving on to Sri Lankan style, she mastered Arabic-Belly dancing while also being skilled in Latin-American as well as Freestyle

Having started dancing under Kulasiri Budawatta's supervision in 1999 she seasoned herself to many traditions of dance. She was engrossed in the Kandian dancing style of Budawatta, and followed in his footsteps. She had been teaching at Budawatta's Dance Academy for a while and then started her own academy in Maharagama.

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