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Saheli Rochana Gamage - The shining moon among thousand stars

The isle of paradise, rich in its cultural heritage, which produced the Amaradeva’s, the Martin Wickremasinghe’s, the Sarathchandras, the Khemadasa’s, the Rohana Weerasinghe’s, the Nanda Malinie’s have now produced young artists like, Rashmi Sangeeta, Deepika Priyadarshani, Nelu Adhikari etc. They have being accepted and recognized by our society for their dedication to the music industry. They had an utmost duty to maintain the tradition and culture in our country. Now, we see the emergence of a charming muse, by the name of SAHELI ROCHANA GAMAGE. No, she is not merely that, she is Visharad Saheli Rochana Gamage, the definite silver lining in the dark cloud of modern Sri Lankan music which hangs heavily over the Isle now tormented by a decade of war and cultural conflicts. There is no debate over the fact that Music has a healing element embedded with it and in this epoch, Saheli’s album “Saheli” (meaning friend “Yeheliya”) will be soothing medicine to heal a country and its people bleeding over the injustices done to them in every possible means. Like her name exemplifies, Saheli, is a true friend of Sri Lanka and its culture and it is fortunate to feel that there is at last somebody to fill the vacuum in Sri Lankan music after the great maestros......

By - Indraji De Zoysa

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