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Nirosha and Irosha Perera

Nirosha and Irosha studied at Buddhist Ladies College, Colombo and the two were popular figures from schooldays onwards since they were everywhere where things were happening. Though Irosha joined Musaeus College half way through, Nirosha continued at BLC and holds the distinguished record of being the first in the class right through her school career. Irosha had come closer by being the first from grades one to eight.Whether it was drama, dancing, acting, singing, music, sports or literary activities, the two sisters were right in the thick of things and hence, popularity is not something new to the duo.

Once you start talking and listening to these two golden girls, you instantly realize the bubbly duo are no ordinary girls. There is always a spark of excitement whenever you are in the midst of Nirosha and Irosha. They are indeed a cut above the best.


  1. Nirosha your very nice and pretty

  2. Nirosha madam is really beautiful. God bless you.


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