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Nehara 's Wedding

Nehara Pieris is an actress in Muthu Kirilli teledrama. Also forfarming in Sirasa Dancing Star contest with Kasun.


  1. meya nikan boruwata baba wenna hadanawa................

  2. baba weena hadanawa kiyanne eya baba wage andhina hindhaadha?

  3. Nehara, y do u try to behave like a baba?u talk walk dress like a baba.thats NOT AT ALL CUTE OR SWEET,ITS ANNOYING! U call everyone 'akk' even 2those who r much much younger 2u...Nadini ta 'akki' kiyanna gihin oya nondi wuna neda?(t-party) Pls do us a favor,ACT UR AGE WOMAN!!


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